"Rank More Clients In More Areas" Bootcamp

Your Best Chance For Your Best Life!


If you are one of the 40 people chosen to work with Matt Versteeg and his team, you will learn the closely guarded secrets of scaling clients and online lead generation by one of the most successful SEOs and internet marketers you may ever be able to get this close to. 

Here's what you're gonna get:


$24,000 Value !!!

12 Week Rank More Clients In More Areas Bootcamp

1 Group call per week with Matt Versteeg. Your weekly calls will include training calls and strategy Q&A coaching calls designed to help you master every area of ranking more clients in more areas. Matt will help you get un-stuck, help you to scale, and to make the right moves to get you to your goals while compressing time.

$9,997 Value !!!

Coaching And Community

You'll be in a private engaged Facebook community for accountability and support and celebrating wins each month...Both Matt, his Chief Formula Officer Gabe as well as all of the other members in the Facebook group will be providing support and accountability to assist you in reaching your desired outcome. 

 $6,000 Value!!!

2 Guest Expert Training Appearances

Learn cutting-edge secrets from 2 of Matt's friends and students (who will reveal their secrets of how to get clients coming to you and also how to rapidly scale your business).

1. Mystery Guest

2. Mystery Guest

$60,000 Value!!!

Personal Introductions To Whale Clients And Deal Partnerships

Need help figuring out what niche to target? Or who to sell your leads to? Matt will give you personal introductions to clients and partners of his already spending money. These clients have an insatiable appetite for more business and you too can serve them and profit. Matt will also bring you into national or franchise deals where you can piggyback on his existing relationships and be part of the deals he makes for selling calls and appointments. Just the confidence alone this will bring into every deal you do will be incredible. You will also be able to leverage Matt's existing proof to help you sell your own deals too.

$8000 Value!!!

4 Weekly Trainings With Gabe Jordan- Chief Formula Officer

Gabe was one of Matt's first students and has gone on to become the Master of Formulas. He is in charge of strategy, creation, and deployment of Formulas that run our businesses. During your group sessions with him, he will help you to map out the exact Formulas you need in your business so you can buy back your time.


6 Months Free of MODUS8 Access

Get 6 months free of the exact sofware we use to run all of the Formulas in our business. You'll be able to use those Formulas and the exact pre-trained virtual assistants to do those tasks for you. You'll finally be able to buy back your time when you're able to string together the exact tasks that need to be done without thinking. After your free 6 months you'll be able to lock in the lowest rate we've ever offered it for- for life- at only $148 a month for access. 

$888 Value!!!


1 Year Free of Location Domination Mass Page Builder

Get 1 Year Of Access To Location Domination Mass Page Builder- our private Mass Page Building tool to help you rapidly create location pages worldwide. You'll also get direct access to our new private Formulas in MODUS8 for Location Domination. What does this mean to you? Our developers that built the tool will help install, configure, and build your mass page buildouts for you on your sites if you don't want to do it yourself. (for a very small fee per build- the same rates Matt pays himself). 

$1000 Value!!!


2 Free Passes To Our Upcoming Manager Bootcamp
Imagine a virtual assistant prepping and reviewing all of your local ranking tasks for you. They do the work while you're off doing something else you enjoy. Come back and see how much got done while you were away. Want to scale another Project? Just tell your Manager what you'd like to have done and they can run the exact Formulas needed to make it happen. Sound like a fantasy? It's not! Our brand new Manager Bootcamp program trains a Virtual Assistant to run all of this for you. That Manager will be coached by us and our team and if they ever have questions, they'll be able to get them answered in our Manager to Manager channel. Literally, your Manager can get help from our Managers so they don't have to bug you with questions whenever they need help. They'll be able to keep projects moving forward without your help. Use the pass for an existing Virtual Assistant, save it for a future one, or send a son, daughter, relative, business partner or friend through the program. There is no expiration on this and should you ever decide to replace that person, you can send another person through the Bootcamp at no-cost.  They show up and we train them!

$18,000 VALUE

TOTAL VALUE = OVER $127,885!


Complete the joining process by showing your commitment level and paying the $2,000 initial non-refundable payment now. 

There are several ways you can take care of the balance:


1. You can borrow it from your retirement plan and pay it back when you make your first sales.

2. You would pay 3 payments of $2,000 or 2 payments of $2,750 or 1 payment of $5,000.
3. You can apply for third party funding here.