Congratulations For Making It This Far...

I have decided to allow 15 of you to be accepted into the last low ticket coaching Bootcamp that I will offer for the foreseeable future. If you are accepted it will based upon your ability to qualify for the program and pay for the program. We have several financing options available for those who qualify. But just because you fill out an application and qualify financially does not guarantee you a spot in the Bootcamp. We will accept qualified applicants on a first come first serve basis. 

This Is Your Chance To Persuade Me To Take You On...

Attention Applicants: We are not allowing any payments at this time, only applications.... 

Apply for 1 of the 15 spots

If you had a chance to speak to me and persuade us that we should work with you, what would you say? 
When you understand that we are only going to accept 15 people out of 50 challengers into this Bootcamp and teach them to duplicate what you have just seen us do, why should we take you on?
Please realize that there are over 50 people in this challenge and we are only taking 15. Once we get to our desired number for this challenge (which is a number our team can take on and work with comfortably while we give you a life changing experience) we will not accept any more applicants in at this time. 

You Can Take A Moment to Fill Out The Form Now!